Papier-mâché bracelets support Ref. 2468030 20x5,5 cm. Ref 2469019 20x12 cm. Painted in various colors. REF. 2468030 NATURAL REF. 2468030/N WHITE REF. 2468030/PB BLACK REF. 2468030/PN SILVER REF. 2468030/PP REF. 2469019 NATURAL REF. 2469019/N WHITE REF. 2469019/PB BLACK REF. 2469019/PN SILVER REF. 2469019/PP
Papier-mâché support large cone. ref. 2469016 16x9cm and support small cone ref. 2469017 5x3cm. Painted in various colors. LONG CONE NATURAL REF. 2469016/N WHITE REF. 2469016/PB BLACK REF. 2469016/PN SILVER REF. 2469016/PP SMALL CONE NATURAL REF. 2469017/N WHITE REF. 2469017/PB BLACK REF. 2469017/PN SILVER REF. 2469017/PP
Papier-mâché head display ref. 2468019 39x30 cm and 2468020 30x52cm. Display for hats and scarfs. Available in different colours. Head display ref. 2468021 35x58cm Head display ref. 2468022 25x56cm. Head display ref. 2468023 37x59cm.
Papier-mâché mini display painted in various colors. 28x13cm REF. 2468005 NATURAL REF. 24680005/N WHITE REF. 2468005/PB BLACK REF. 2468005/PN SILVER REF. 2468005/PP
Papier-mâché jewerly holder, comes in various colors REF. 246/G 37x23cm. REF 246/P 27x17cm REF. 246/G NATURAL REF. 246/G/N WHITE REF. 246/G/P/B BLACK REF. 246/G/PN SILVER REF. 246/G/PP REF. 246/P NATURAL REF. 246/P/N WHITE REF. 246/P/P/B BLACK REF. 246/P/PN SILVER REF. 246/P/PP
Papier-mâché Jewerly display ref. 2469022 42x22cm re. 2469+023 28x17cm. Available without painting or in various colors. REF. 2469022 NATURAL REF. 2469022/N WHITE REF. 2469022/PB BLACK REF. 2469022/PN SILVER REF. 2469022/PP REF. 2469023 NATURAL REF. 2469023/N WHITE REF. 2469023/PB BLACK REF. 2469023/PN SILVER REF. 2469023/PP
Papier-mâché Jewerly display stackable, comes in various sizes and colors. Ref 2468025 50x30cm ref. 2468027 36x25cm ref. 2468006 31x25cm ref. 2468007 25x24cm ref. 2468008 20x17cm ref. 2468026 16x13cm REF. 2468025 NATURAL REF. 2468025/N WHITE REF. 2468025PB BLACK REF. 2468025/PN SILVER REF. 2468025/PP REF. 2468027 NATURAL REF. 2468027/N WHITE REF. 2468027/PB BLACK REF. 2468027/PN SILVER REF. 2468027/PP REF. 2468006 NATURAL REF. 2468006/N WHITE REF. 2468006/PB BLACK REF. 2468006/PN SILVER REF. 2468006/PP REF. 2468007 NATURAL REF. 2468007/N WHITE REF. 2468007/PB BLACK REF. 2468007/PN SILVER REF. 2468007/PP REF. 2468008 NATURAL REF. 2468008/N WHITE REF. 2468008/PB BLACK REF. 2468008/PN SILVER REF. 2468008/PP REF. 2468026 NATURAL REF. 2468026/N WHITE REF. 2468026/PB BLACK REF. 2468026/PN SILVER REF. 2468026/PP
Closed papier-mâché display available in various colors. Ref. 2468040 18x15cm. ref.2468041 24x17cm Ref. 2468042 28x17cm. REF. 2468040 NATURAL REF. 2468040/N WHITE REF. 2468040/PB BLACK REF. 2468040/PN SILVER REF. 2468040/PP REF. 2468041 NATURAL REF. 2468041/N WHITE REF. 2468041/PB BLACK REF. 2468041/PN SILVER REF. 2468041/PP REF. 2468042 NATURAL REF. 2468042/N WHITE REF. 2468042/PB BLACK REF. 2468042/PN SILVER REF. 2468042/PP
Long papier-mâché jewelry display available in various colors. Ref. 2469010 61x25cm ref. 2469011 41x19cm REF. 2469010 NATURAL REF. 2469010/N WHITE REF. 2469010/PB BLACK REF. 2469010/PN SILVER REF. 2469010/PP REF. 2469011 NATURAL REF. 2469011/N WHITE REF. 2469011/PB BLACK REF. 2469011/PN SILVER REF. 2469011/PP
Earring display made from papier-mâché. 9x7cm. Available in its natural colour or painted in different ones.
Closed papier-mâché bust ref. 2468001. Woman 70x31cm, REF. 2468002. Man 67x31cm, ref. 2468003. 12 year old child: 53x27cm; ref. 2468004. 6 year old child 44x23cm. REF. 2468001 WOMAN NATURAL REF. 2468001/N WHITE REF. 2468001/PB BLACK REF. 2468001/PN SILVER REF. 2468001/PP REF. 2468002 MAN NATURAL REF. 2468002/N WHITE REF. 2468002/PB BLACK REF. 2468002/PN SILVER REF. 2468002/PP REF. 2468003 CHILD 12 YEARS NATURAL REF. 2468003/N WHITE REF. 2468003/PB BLACK REF. 2468003/PN SILVER REF. 2468003/PP REF. 2468004 CHILD 6 YEARS NATURAL REF. 2468004/N WHITE REF. 2468004/PB BLACK REF. 2468004/PN SILVER REF. 2468004/PP
Man and woman stackable papier-mâché bust, available in various colors. Ref. 2469012 woman 76x42cm; Ref. 2469013 man 86x44cm; ref- 2469014 woman 75x40cm

REF: 2469012
Natural REF: 2469012/N
White REF:2469012/PB
Black REF: 2469012/PN
Silver REF: 2469012/PP

REF: 2469013
Natural REF: 2469013/N
White REF: 2469013/PB
Black REF: 2469013/PN
Silver REF: 2469013/PP

REF: 2469014
Natural REF: 2469014/N
White REF: 2469014/PB
Black REF: 2469014/PN
Silver REF: 2469014/PP

Papier-mâché mannequin display expo-jeans Ref. 2468015 43x34 cm, Ref. 2468014M. Woman 39x32 cm; Ref. 2468014H. Man 41x32 cm; Ref. 2469024 28x23 cm. REF. 2468015 NATURAL REF. 2468015/N WHITE REF. 2468015/PB BLACK REF. 2468015/PN SILVER REF. 2468015/PP REF. 2468014M WOMAN NATURAL REF. 2468014M/N WHITE REF. 2468014M/PB BLACK REF. 2468014M/PN SILVER REF. 2468014M/PP REF. 2468014H MAN NATURAL REF. 2468014H/N WHITE REF. 2468014H/PB BLACK REF. 2468014H/PN SILVER REF. 246B014H/PP REF. 2469024 NATURAL REF. 2469024/N WHITE REF. 2469024/PB BLACK REF. 2469024/PN SILVER REF. 2469024/PP
Papier-mâché foot display. Man 50x27cm Foot display woman 50cm FOOT DISPLAY MAN NATURAL REF. 2469017H/N WHITE REF. 2469017H/PB BLACK REF. 2469017H/PN SILVER REF. 2469017H/PP FOOT DISPLAY WOMAN NATURAL REF. 2469017M/N WHITE REF. 2469017M/PB BLACK REF. 2469017M/PN SILVER REF. 2469017M/PP
Papier-mâché mannequin hand, normall size Ref. 2468016 39x12 cm. Painted in various colors. REF. 2468016 NATURAL REF. 2468016/N WHITE REF. 2468016/PB BLACK REF. 2468016/PN SILVER REF. 2468016/PP

Natural REF: 2468016/N
WHITE REF: 2468016/PB
BLACK REF: 2468016/PN
SILVER REF: 2468016/PP